One of the best ways you can support the work of Faith is to volunteer.


Faith work with international volunteers from around the world who invest into their important work with the children in their care.

You can read the volunteer testimonials below of some international volunteers who have already been and spent time at the home in Jaipur, volunteering abroad.

For more information read the Frequently Asked Questions and then get in touch with our partner organisation who help us process volunteers and find remarkable, talented, skilled and professional volunteers.


“From the moment I set foot in the centre, the affection of the staff and children enveloped me like a warm blanket. My decision to volunteer with Faith was an easy one. Every day was different, but always eye-opening” – Claire

“I got stuck in and worked across multiple areas: running sports and craft activities, attending medical clinics, meeting government ministers and participating in tutorials and daily yoga sessions.” – Jamie

“My trip was a humbling experience. The young people I met were truly amazing, happy and enthusiastic – the children welcomed me with gusto, as they were already creating some really wonderful paintings at the home” – Paul

“Volunteering will change you and especially in India. It helped me in so many ways. I think a part of me before I went thought maybe it could help me in life, to point me in the right direction or give me some answers but I didn’t think it would change me as much as it did.” – Sian

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a visa to get to India?

Yes, you will need a valid visa to be able to stay in India. You can get an Indian tourist visa at the Indian embassy in your country. Initially it is valid for three months. For those who intend to stay for a period longer you will need to renew your visa. We will guide you on this.

Tell me about flying into India

Some volunteers will fly straight to Jaipur, others land in Delhi and then go by bus. The second option is the cheapest and it is also something you want to have experienced!

By plane: When you fly straight to Jaipur then there will be someone to pick you up. Just let us know the flight details that we will be there on time.

By bus: When you go by bus, you have to know that we do not have any buses till 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning and it is safe to be in the airport till that time. When you leave the airport of Delhi go to the PRE PAID TAXI STAND. If you find some problem in finding it, just ask the security officer or any other passenger out side the airport. Tell the people on the counter you have to go to “BIKANER HOUSE”. The usual cost of taking a prepaid taxi from the Airport to the Bikaner House is *aprox. 200 INR.

The BIKANER HOUSE is the official service run by the State of Rajasthan. You will get buses to Jaipur from BIKANER HOUSE. Here you have buses every half an hour. There are some categories:

Super Deluxe *approx. 240 INR SILVER LINE
Air Conditioned *approx. 360 INR GOLD LINE
Super Deluxe AC with some added facilities *approx. 500 INR VOLVO

(*Keep in mind that the prices change over time)

At the very last stop, you have to get off and there will be someone to pick you up. The bus trip will take around 6 hours with a stop in between at MIDWAY. Let us know when you enter Jaipur with the bus, so we will be there on time

Are there more expenses once I arrive?

The volunteer fee covers your accommodation and meals and your transfer to your worksite. You will need to have additional money for any personal shopping and travelling you may do.

What is the climate like in India?

India has a tropical climate. It is hot and humid. There is plenty of sunshine all the year round and summer clothes are worn throughout the year. The hottest period is from May to September and coldest in December and January.

Do I need to speak English to volunteer?

Yes, you need to speak English to volunteer. You may have English as your first or second language. In India the people speak two main languages which are English and Hindi.

Are we able to do any sight seeing?

Volunteers are welcome to take short breaks during their volunteer time. We recognize that volunteering can be quite intensive. There are often other volunteers that want to do sight seeing also. You may like to travel to meet up with other volunteers and join in local festivities and explore your local surroundings. We ask that if you wish to take a break from volunteering that you give us an advanced notice.

How is the accommodation situation?

Accommodation and meal arrangements are made available at the children’s home.

How many volunteers are there at the same time?

Usually there is just one volunteer present, but if the time calapses you live with another volunteer.

Is there any time of the year when I can’t volunteer?

Volunteers are able to participate all year round.

How many hours will I be expected to take part in the program?

Volunteers will be required to adjust to the program of the day. Everyday is different!

What clothes should I bring to wear?

Casual dressing is ok here. India is generally a warm country and so you do not need to bring very warm clothes. Comfortable footwear, as well as a pair of sandals for light walking, is recommended. Don’t forget sunglasses and a hat. You can also buy cheap clothes in India, so don’t bring too much!

Do I have to worry about health?

It is expected that participants have their own travel insurance. As an organisation, we are not able to cater for your health needs. However before you come to India, you should get the relevant injections for prevention against Malaria, Hepatitis and Typhoid, but it is not required. Also, please carry with you some preventive agents like mosquito repellents and drugs for little problems like headaches and stomach-aches. In case you fall sick and need doctor’s attention, we will take you to the hospital. We have good and reputable hospitals around where you can be treated.

How will I get around?

The easiest way to travel in India is to use a “rickshaw” to go around the town. If you want to go further, then there are intercity buses and trains as well to certain places. You will have someone to accompany you if you need to travel to a market or a mall. You don’t need to worry about loosing your way.

How will I shop?

There are very good grocery stores around where you can shop. You will be able to get everything that you need from toiletries to drinks to sanitary and other things you may need.